“We need to prepare our children now for the jobs of tomorrow that have still not been invented” Sir Ken Robinson –

Our programmes are designed and implemented taking into account the new trends of the educational field of the 21st century and are inspired by the new currents in the field of academic skills and personal development.

We also rely on the methodology of The five ways to lead by Co-active Leadership and on Co-active Coaching, both created by Henry y Karen Kimsey-House.

6 editions, with the involvement of hundreds of teenagers, and training from one of the best coaching and leadership institutions of the world (The coaches training institute) endorse us.





If creativity and innovation has always been convenient, now, characterised by the many changes in our increasingly complex daily life, their development is fundamental.

Learning to maintain open conversation in a respectful environment, to present and substantiate their viewpoints and listen to the rest, as well as finding points to agree on instead of only looking at the differences.

Effective and positive communications opens doors, it creates an environment of respect and openness where every conflict can be resolved and where you start building from the ideas of several.

They learn to interact within a group but sticking to their true self. They discover that they form part of an ensemble and that this ensemble is formed thanks to each individual’s contribution. They work together to develop their abilities through team challenges.

  • All teenagers aspire to contribute in a more collaborative, sustainable, fair and connected society.
  • They work together and assess how they can contribute to the world, to their small world.


We work across all intelligences, from the emotional to the executive, on four pillars:

  • Designing different strategies that adapt to the constant changes in our life with normalcy.
  • Generating TRUST and SELF-ASUREDNESS in themselves.
  • Distinguishing between the important and the urgent to improve your time planning- essential for an improvement in academic results.
  • We rely on techniques that have helped millions of people around the world, and which schools such as Montserrat (Barcelona) or San Patricio (Madrid) are implementing in their classrooms.
  • We apply the “7 Ambits of highly effective people” by Dr Stephen R Covey.

This “Mental Mapping” methodology, highly contrasted and evaluated by Tony Buzán, allows the students to broaden their learning and acquire visual learning techniques, without neglecting the necessary rigor.

Through the “implausible relationships” technique they will manage to reduce study time and learning considerably for a greater their reading comprehension, agility when analysing, synthesis capacity and creation of their own study summaries.



All activities are supported by this alliance.

The monitors and facilitators follow it and set an example.

This creates a feeling of community and trust and a sense of belonging in an open, friendly and safe atmosphere.

The 8 accords towards excellence:

Proactivity: “Take the initiative, break away from your comfort zone!”

Balance: “Make your life happen.”

Integrity: “Be yourself.”

Presence: “Do it to the best of your abilities”

Collaboration: “Speak and act with a good purpose.”

Commitment: “Make your dreams happen”

Responsibility: “Own yourself”

Openness: “Do things in a different way.”

Fun: “Have an amazing time!”



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